Love Runs Deep

Decades of Love Run Deep

I know you are still here

By Kimberley D Hammons

Dear Grams 

  The sun has risen every morning stunning and so bright, The days have marched forward sometimes with delight.

  Autumn marched in with nothing more or less than beauty and grace.

  Signaling the crisp winter winds would soon follow.

  The blanket of white that coated everything standing still drew my mind to days of long ago. Snowball fights in the driveway, and shoveling the abounding blanket; your warm face and peach kissed lips always greeted me with a smile.

  The tulips that bloomed this spring were beautiful, one of your favorite times of year. The days grew warmer, the roses have grown and for surely summer is here.

  For with this realization time had not stood still, quickens the knowledge I have spent this year without you.

  The children have grown, and we have added one, Blonde hair and blue eyes a true Scot I surmise.

  I know you are still here, when I smell the sweet, sweet air. The familiar fragrant notes caught delicately in the breeze.. I have missed your touch, your words of advice, your stern outlook of what you knew to be right. But most of all I missed your wit and knowing when I called you were at the other end.

  Rest fair maiden, whose beauty had graced us all.

Love, Kimberley

 To the Wonderful Memories of “Grams” Hazle K. Lowe Wills (1918 – 2009)

© Copyright 2010 Kimberley D Hammons


 But no son loved his mother… more

He has missed her, and it shows upon his brow. His step is no longer peppy, the smiles that once brightened his day silenced almost a year ago.

His children are grown and he no longer feels the need that once brightened his day. The daily call or squabble, or heaven help us all a disagreement.

But no son ever loved his mother more, than my father loved his mom!

Loving Daughter and Granddaughter



© Copyright 2010 Kimberley D Hammons

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