Love Runs Deep

Toward Life’s End

In the Autumn of Life

by Kimberley D Wills-Hammons  

It was a warm July day as the middle aged woman sat at the bedside of an elderly woman. The middle aged woman recalled how frail the elderly lady looked and how time had escaped so quickly.

As the woman’s feet dangled over the sides of the hospital bed, swollen and grossly disfigured, the years of high heels and arthritis have taken their toll. The middle aged woman realized that there was no longer a glimmer in the old woman’s eyes; her face weary and tired. Watching as the old woman struggles with her dinner, she offers kind words of distractions as she cuts her food for her. Remembering the hands that were once strong; now straining to complete a simple task. The arms that once held her as child, are just mere shadows of what they once were.
The old woman requiring assistance to lay back down, while lovingly relaying stories of their family lineage. How her Scottish history plays a role to this day, for her love of the bag pipes. Making a request that a player be present when her body is laid to rest. “Make sure you write this down, you will need to tell your children some day.” The old lady dozes off for a brief nap.
As the middle aged woman looks upon the old woman, threw the eyes of the child she once was. She recalls the years of wisdom that has been bestowed upon her, the years of love she has been blessed with, and now in the remaining time; the roles are reversed.

I have come to realize my time with my grandmother has hastened its pace. The delicate woman who now lays in the hospital bed, shares her insight on the life she has lead. I kiss her forehead and take in her smell, knowing that this may be my last kiss to her…..

To the Wonderful Memories of “Grams” Hazle K. Lowe Wills (1918 – 2009) 

Dated 7 August 2012, Kimberley Wills-Hammons wrote, “I do not know that I have written anything of this magnitude since. We will all get through tomorrow pops, one way or another…..”

© Copyright 2009 Kimberley D Wills-Hammons

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