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I would like to share with you some things that have helped me get through life and were a great blessing to me at the time and now that I’m older I understand better who actually helped me get to retirement and laid out my life on the road that really is life. 

I’ve been around the block more than a few times as I was a truck driver for most of my life but I’ve never had to ride-out a jackknifed rig, so I am not what many drivers would call a professional truck driver and if I have to ride-out a jackknife and live to tell about to become one, I want to always be a rookie. 

I’ve driven many types of vehicles over the years, but maybe I’ve never been where you are today, because we all travel a slightly different road than someone else does, but I do know about hard work, long hours and short pay and I also know that some things never change and as you continue to read I will try to tell you about a Rock you can stand on forever. 

Most of the loads I pulled were fingerprint loads (a lot of hard work) and every load, everyday had a set delivery time and place, weather it was 2 blocks or 2000 miles away, in every kind of weather, daytime or overnight.  

When I started driving in 1954, CB radios were non-existent to the best of my knowledge and drivers had a special “code of the road”. A wave of the hand, a special hand signal holding your log book up to or even out of the window, a blink of the headlights, a blink of the high beams, a blink of the tail lights or turn signals, all of them had a special meaning. 

Freeways were non existent and it depended a lot on where you were and where you needed to go, whether you could use an “expressway” for a few miles or had to drive on the federal and state highway system of that time. They were mostly 2 and 3 lane roads that went through the main business section of every town at a speed of 20 to 25 miles per hour. 

Roadmaps were a necessity if you had one and if you didn’t have one or when you needed directions to something that wasn’t on the map you stopped and asked at a local gas station or if you were lucky a truck stop, that consisted of a local gas station with a small restaurant next door, where the coffee was always hot and the food always good. 

So it is today even with CB radios, maps, telephones, computers, GPS units and all the rest of the modern technological toys. Truck drivers are still one of the most important assets that the world has. We deliver everything, anywhere, all the time all over the world. 

Do you remember how your new truck, or new tractor / trailer, came with at least one, but probably more owner’s manuals? I hope you at least took a look at the owner’s manual before you took off on that maiden voyage with that very costly new piece of equipment that your life and livelihood are counting on.

 That truck must be able to protect you in all kinds of weather, on all kinds of roads and get the delivery made on time so you can get paid at the end of the trip, or the end of the week, and that means reading the owner’s manual so you know how to work everything before you ruin something and end up in the middle of no where “broke down”. 

Broke down” means no money coming in and that is hard on the budget, the delivery time, and the paycheck; basically it’s all “broke down”. 

BUT, how’s your personal life? Do you have your life on the right road? Are you going the right way? Where’s your road map for life? Have you stopped at life’s filling station lately to get refueled? Have you asked for directions to the right road? What’s at the end of the road when you get there? 

This load is the most important load of your life, because it is your life, and at the end of this road is eternity and your final paycheck. This paycheck, however, is the one you can not earn because the road to get to your final destination has already been completely paved and is free of any tolls, taxes, or fees. 

This road is Jesus Christ and He paid the price of your free trip to heaven and your final paycheck with His own blood on Calvary’s Cross, 2000 years ago. 

Are you still wondering about the owner’s manual for your truck and what it has to do with your life? That’s easy to answer. There is an owner’s manual for life, it’s also a roadmap for you; to direct you to your final destination it is called the Holy Bible. 

The Holy Bible is the great book for learning about where you’re really going in life and what life is all about; both your successes and all your failures are covered in the teachings of the Bible and even more correctly, by the Blood of Jesus Christ when you accept Him as your Savior and Lord, as you will learn when you read and study the Bible. 

If you have a family and home then you live near a good Bible based church, (that’s one that teaches Jesus Christ, God’s Son needs to be both Lord and Savior of your life); that church will also teach about and practice love everyday. 

If you lived on the road, as many of us do, stop in to a local church on Sunday in whatever town you’re in or check for a church at or near the truck stop you’re in. 

Talk to the Pastor, the Chaplain, or a Deacon in that church and stay for Sunday school and the Worship service. You will learn about the Bible, and God’s unconditional love for you and His Son Jesus Christ who died for you and paid the price for your trip to heaven. 

God’s love for you is free, salvation is free through Jesus Christ His Son, and life eternal is free just for having faith in Jesus Christ. 

In the Bible, in the Book of John chapter14: verses 5-6 it says “Thomas saith unto him, ‘Lord, we know not whither thou goest; and how can we know the way?’ Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me(KJV) 

The rest is up to you driver, have a safe journey and God bless you, is my prayer.

 Eternity is only a heartbeat away!! Are you Ready

GOD Loves You!  Just the way you are.John 3:16 (Jesus teaching)For God so loved the world (that’s you), that He gave his only begotten Son (Jesus Christ), that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life 


You are always welcome here!

 J T Wills 

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