About me

I wanted to be a Michigan State Police Trooper

Hi. My name is J. T.  Wills


I grew up wanting to be a Michigan State Police Trooper but as things sometimes go I did not meet the height requirement of being 6 feet 2+ inches tall (1960-1961), so I spent most of my life doing a lot of other kinds of work and yet I still want to be a State Police Trooper. I guess it is something that was born in me.

 I am retired now, having been a truck driver, in one form or another, for 46 years. Truck driving for me proved to be a very good job. I’ve met a lot of great people along the way in drivers’ rooms, at shipping docks, on the road, in truck stops and in restaurants all over America and in Canada. I’ve also met some State Police Troopers, Sheriffs’ Deputies, Police Officers and Constables as I traveled and I learned they’re special people too just like truck drivers. 

 I’ve worked everything from being a janitor cleaning toilets, and sweeping floors, to being a truck driver, also working in machine shops doing everything, and being a newspaper district manager, then finished my life on the road, as personal valet for a family, driving short and long trips and running errands and other duties too. Generally I was a gopher, go for this, and go for that and I did, but truck driving was always my main source of income.

 I oftentimes have worked as many as 80+ hours a week, but I enjoyed having a job and providing for my family the best way I knew how. I do know what hard work, long hours and short pay can do to you and your family and sometimes it’s really hard but you just keep going.

 I have been married and divorced 3 times so I know firsthand, I’m nowhere near perfect. I have made a lot of poor decisions and done a lot of things wrong in my life, and by the way I accept my failures. I was not always a good husband and I was not what most people would call a good father.

 Some of the right things I have done in my life include having 3 wonderful grown children, by my first wife, we were married twice. I am now a grandfather 10 times over and a great-grandfather 2 times over so life has been good to me.

 My hope is that on these pages you will be able to see and learn that GOD through the Blood of Jesus Christ forgives our mistakes and shortcomings and gives us a new life in Christ when we ask for forgiveness.

 I hope all of you will learn from my successes and mistakes in life, rather than trying to make all the mistakes yourself there’s no way you can live long enough to make them all yourself, so in learning from other peoples’ successes and mistakes, including mine, you will save yourself a lot of energy, time, pain and even some money.

 Success in life is being happy and at peace with who you really are and that can in found in a good Bible based church that teaches salvation through Jesus Christ and practices love. 


You are always welcome here

Yours Respectfully!!

 J. T. Wills

I am a Proud Father and a Proud Grandfather of a Military Family

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