A Mother’s Love

NO Limits, NO Boundaries

A Mother’s Love!! 

By J. T. Wills


💓 I miss my MOM and DAD, and sometimes it just hurts so bad I cry like a little boy, and the son that I am.

YES grown men do cry, at least I do. I’m older now (77) and understand what they tried to teach me then and yes. I miss my MOM and DAD… ‘Tommy’

When I was a young boy maybe nine years old in Sunday school the teacher, Mr. Low, talked about GOD’s love for us and how HE cared for us so much that HE sent HIS only Son to live with us and to die for us, John 3:16 “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life”. so I asked GOD to show me HIS love and that still small voice inside me said “Look at your Mother”, and so I did and I continue today to look at my Mother and see GOD’s Love for me in everything she did and everything that GOD does.

My Mother died on August 8th 2009 and though I know I will see her again one glorious day, the loss is painful, sometimes beyond what thoughts can explain or words can express. As I look back at my Mother’s love I realize how deep her love for me really was, even before I was born, even through the threat of death she carried me being very sick every day, my Dad told me about it.

Then when the school system said I would never learn to read or write she never gave up even through great sacrifice and fight. There were hundreds of dollars spent on special testing even testing my “IQ” and then special glasses, hearing tests too and even some private tutoring in a very special school.

It cost hundreds of dollars back then and that was a lot money back in 1952 & 1953 and there was no such thing as medical insurance like there is in this modern day, so mom cut back on things like a new winter coat, a new dress and shoes and she made sure that every day after regular school I went to the special school to learn how to read, not to mention all the extra studying time at night and on weekends with her and my dad, the Family Bible and flash cards too.

They also spent a lot time teaching me to print then to write, “long hand” they called it and do arithmetic, numbers, times tables, adding, subtracting, long division, English and grammar and together they taught me about responsibility, honor and being the best person I can be and many more things too. You can read about my dad at my web page “Dad Knew Best”.

I was born with a slight eye problem, seeing four objects where there was only one but glasses helped a lot and they still do. I was also born tone death and it’s not correctable even with all of today’s modern technology I still cannot hear some peoples’ voices, but my mom taught me to play some piano, Chop Sticks and the Tennessee Waltz mostly and she also helped me learn to play the flute and the Hawaiian guitar.

I could go on for hours remembering my Mom and my Dad but my memories are mine. I will tell you though that my Mom always made sure I wore my “Sunday best” and got to Sunday school and Church every Sunday morning.

At Ninety One years of age my Mom still loved me and she would come and pick me up, because I don’t drive anymore, and we would go have dinner every week at a nearby eatery and spend some time together.

A Mother’s Love, I can’t explain it, but I know it has no limits and no boundaries, because I have been on the receiving end of my Mother’s Love since before I was born and it even carries me through today, years after She went away to be with the Lord.

I Believe the Lord said to her “OK Hazle it’s time, Come Home.”

A long time ago someone told me “grown men don’t cry”, but I still do. So I guess I will always be my Mother’s son and growing up is something I never want to do. Even now I remember only too well my Mother’s love and GOD’s love too and the tears still flow as my heart still hurts.

HAZLE K. LOWE WILLS .. February 1918 – August 2009.

HAPPY MOTHERS’ DAY in Heaven .. Love You. ‘Tommy’. 💓 😥.


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Hazle K. Lowe Wills, My Mother

Love, Tom

J. T. Wills

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